Vegas anyone?

1st June 2022

If you haven’t been lucky enough to have travelled to Las Vegas then its one of those places that needs adding to you bucket list.
This place is “Bonkers”.
Why not try you’re luck on the tables or on the lot machines, or if this doesn’t appeal to you walk around the many extravagent hotels take in their sights and their shopping malls.

The Vegas strip is the most popular venue in the City, but why not visit Fremont Street, the original Vegas Strip which is north of the huge standing Stratosphere.
Its easy to get to by either Bus, Tram , Taxi or a walk if you don’t mind the heat.

You’ve travelled this far and it would be a shame if you didn’t visit the Awesome Grand Canyon.
On your way you can experience the mighty Hoover Dam and the Mead River it uses to power the city and homes around Vegas and beyond.

The Canyon is set on a 100 sq mile of property which is owned by the people of the First Nations and they run the tours and properties around the canyon.

The Canyon is accessible by road however the trip is long and could take unto 2 hours to reach the edge of the Canyon.
Flying is another option by plane or helicopter but this can be on the pricey side.

Visit the Skywalk, take a helicopter into the Canyon and take a boat up and down the river taking in all the millions of years of erosion which has shaped the Canyon as it stands today.

Id love to share my holiday experiences with you, so why not get in touch before you decide to book and ill give you hints and tips of what to do, where to go etc.

All the best, and Viva Las Vegas Baby.

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