Can you remember your first holiday?

3rd November 2022

Tourist couple having bath in infinity pool on a beach resort with cocktails

Can you remember your first holiday?🤔😎☀
Was it your first family holiday, holiday with your friends, lads or girls only holiday, that first holiday with a loved one?
Holidays make memories and have been the enjoyment of families and loved ones for years.

Do you talk about your holidays and the things you got up to with friends and colleagues you’ve been on and you start to smile, laugh and feel excited and happy and want to go back and cant wait to book another?✈️🧳

Doctors and Neuroscientists have found that chronic exposure to stress can alter your brain structure and bring on anxiety and depression and does have a negative impact on family life and work life.😮‍💨

Side effects of the above could cause constant tiredness, sleeplessness, no motivation, tiredness, low mood swings, no or low sex drive, unhealthy eating habits, alcohol dependency and the the risk of coronary heart disease or heart attacks too list but a few.🤒

So what can we do?

Taking a break is a must, make time to recharge your batteries. Talk to loved ones family and friends about everything and anything, getting something of your chest always help. Go the Theatre, the Cinema, make sure you have family time on your days off, have that catch up drink with friends.

Plan a night away, a weekend away and even your next big holiday abroad or at home, having something to look forward to will keep you positive and have you focused and looking forward to your goals.

We are here to help you get away on that important break, whether it be a family holiday, a bespoke designed holiday, a nights city break, a long weekend in our amazing British country side and bordering countries. Spa day’s, sports weekends like the Six Nations rugby or Formula one racing or to that big holiday.

So what ever the destination and your budget I’m sure we can help get you there.

Get in touch for a chat, make that first step to recharge your batteries.

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